Serdar Ferit

Writer & Director

Son Defa - Emre Aydin

Please make sure HD is switched on and I recommend allowing the video to buffer in full before watching it [i.e. press play and then pause, until the little bar changes colour til the end, then press play again :-)].

Actors: Deirdra Morris and Andrew Neil

Director: Serdar Ferit
Producer: Paulina Tervo
DOP: Peter Harvey
Editors: Daniele Mercanti & Serdar Ferit
VFX: Matt Walsh
Art Directors: Moses Powers & Cordelia Weston
1st AD: Edward Bellamy
2nd Unit Camera & Focus Puller: Daniele Mercanti
Steadicam: Doug Walshe
Camera Assistant: Dan Wombwell
Assistant Producers: Sinem Zulal Cetin & Adam Riley
Jib: Lammo
Makeup: Alana Campbell
Grading: Manuel

Shot on location in Seaford, East Sussex.