Serdar Ferit

Writer & Director

The Awra Amba Experience trailer

Music by:
Fèqadu Amdè-Mesqel - Asmarina - Ethiopiques Vol 4 (Buda Musique)
Sona Jobarteh

Discover the incredible story of a rural Ethiopian village who has created an ideal society in a new, interactive documentary experience. Be part of a global discussion with the Awra Amba villagers and other viewers from around the world. Coming in 2014.

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Paulina Tervo - Producer / Director / Story Architect
Serdar Ferit - Director / Cinematographer / Editor
Julie Kim - Head Graphic Designer
Engin Colak - Graphic Designer (book)
Paul Jackson - Illustrator
Jonathan Rabagliati - Animator
Jan Totzek - Creative technologist
James Arthur - Developer
Daan Temmink - Music
Peter Vos - Sound Design
Nick Norton-Smith - Sound design
Agnez Philipos - Local fixer / Translator
Yinebeb Mzgebe - Local fixer / Translator
Tigist Getachew - Translator
Mebratu Bogale - Local camera assistant
Ida Sjoman - Web &production assistant
Charlotte Jenner - Communications Manager
Pati Keilwerth - Outreach Coordinator
Catalin Brylla - Editing
Susi Arnott - Cinematography
Meira Valtonen - Cinematography
Aylin Zoi Tinel - Trailer Editor
Hugh Purcell - Story consulting

Produced by Write This Down Production Ltd